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​Ricker Hill Mainiac Hard Cider

Picked, Pressed, and Produced in Maine

For nine generations Ricker Hill has been growing apples in Turner, Maine. It is on the same farm that we started back in 1803, that we now use to produce our hard cider.


Made from real apples, not from concentrate, this craft cider is full of flavor and will keep your taste buds satisfied. With a wide variety of flavors, we have something for every pallet. From sweet to dry, mild to tart, (but always delicious) our ciders run the gamut. Apples are what we do, and we're Mainiacs about our cider. 

Ricker Hill Farms circa 1939

The entire process of making hard cider takes place right here on the farm. We grow our own apples, blueberries, and cranberries that we use to make our cider. From our fields, to our cider mill, to our canning room... we do it all ourselves. Many cider makers boast that they know their growers and are picky about the source of their apples. Well, at Ricker Hill, we are the growers. Our hard work and dedication to the land can be tasted in every bottle, can, and keg of our cider. Doing it all yourself certainly is not the easiest way to make cider, but it absolutely is the best way. 

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