Ricker Hill Apple Cider Vinegar

How and How Much to Use

A common dosage for apple cider vinegar ranges from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons (10–30 mL) per day, either used in cooking or mixed in a glass of water. Since ACV can help make you feel more full, some people consume a small amount before each meal. 

ACV Salad Dressing

This is our favorite way to use ACV, in a delicious salad dressing. 

Blend or whisk ingredients together, store in a sealed container, and refrigerate. 


Free 2-day shipping from Amazon is NOT FREE. It costs $12.99 per month to have the required Prime Membership. If you're ordering vinegar once a month or less, you'd be better off paying for regular shipping. When you buy from us, you're not buying from some anonymous third-party seller, you're buying from the farmers, cider makers, and packers that produce the best apple cider vinegar around right here in Maine. 

Raw, Unfiltered, with Mother

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been used for many years for it's health benefits and taste. However, not all ACV is the same. To truly experience all that this amazing elixir has to offer, it needs to be raw, unfiltered, and contain "Mother".

  • Mother contains good protein, enzymes, and bacteria linked to health benefits. 

  • Shown to lower blood sugar levels and help control diabetes.

  • Helps with weight loss. 

  • May improve skin health.

  • Preliminary studies show improved heart health in animals. 

  • Can be used as a food preservative and for cleaning.

Certified Organic, IPM Earth Friendly

We produce two main kinds of ACV, certified organic, and IPM Earth Friendly. Our organic cider is made from organically grown apples, and certified by MOFGA. IPM Earth Friendly grow apples use a method of pest control that greatly reduces the amount of pesticides used during growing. You can read all about it on the EPA's website HERE.

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