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Wine and Food Pairing

Gold Cider Cranberry

This wine is a perfect blend of dry and tart. It applies anywhere you'd normally use cranberry. What Thanksgiving Dinner would complete with a dollop of cranberry sauce? 

Try it with: Turkey, Oysters, Chocolate

Bittersweet Reserve

Dry apple wine like this is perfectly suited for cutting through heavier, creamier dishes. However, it also has its place with lighter fair. 

Try it with: Macaroni and Cheese, Ham, Warm Brie Cheese

Golden Russet

A little on the sweeter side, this wine tracks pretty close to a Riesling. The sweet, fruity taste serves as an excellent counter to spicier foods. 

Try it with: Jambalaya, Fajitas, Roast Pork


Dry rosé wines haven’t always been taken seriously at the table, but they can be so much more than an aperitif and their versatility gives you all sorts of options. 

Try it with: Charcuterie, Grilled Vegetables, Chicken Salad

White Wine

Similar to a chardonnay, this wine as a classic taste that pairs well with lots of common foods. This wine is a safe bet for most occasions, even if you don't know what's being served. 

Try it with: Shellfish, Lightly Seasoned Poultry, Alfredo

Gold Cider Cranberry Wine
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